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Author Topic: EVENT: OCD treasure hunt: Where's Waldo?  (Read 3021 times)


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EVENT: OCD treasure hunt: Where's Waldo?
« on: July 27, 2016, 11:45:54 AM »

Starting this Saturday (7/30) at noon CST (5pm gmt) I'll be hiding a toon somewhere out there in the STO galaxy, and you'll be charged with finding him.

Seems daunting? Never fear! Throughout the afternoon/evening, I will periodically be releasing clues to help you track down the treasure.

What's in it for you? A Fabulous Prize!

The first person to find Waldo will be awarded one STO game code that can be redeemed for (among other things) a T6 Andromeda class starship, the new Kelvin universe Starfleet uniform set, and a coveted Red Matter Capacitor!

Good luck treasure hunters! See you out there this Saturday.

(If this hunt goes well, I may do it again very soon.)
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Re: EVENT: OCD treasure hunt: Where's Waldo?
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 11:43:27 AM »
Thanks to everyone who made this a very fun event!!

Congrats to @spiritborn for finding me after 4/5 clues.

Many searchers were in the area in the last moments. It was a great hunt! Waldo was ultimately found in the Epohh Fields on New Romulus Instance #3. Here's a map of his location.

An explaination of the clues:
Clue 1:
To captains, friends and OCD- the hunt is on, so be ready.
Nothing specific, welcome to the hunt.
My feet are planted on the ground. In instance #3 I will be found.
Waldo is hidden in a ground map, instance #3.
Some places newer some places older, Rush to find the treasure's holder.
"Some places newer" = the oldest Adventure Zone in the game. "Some places older" = NEW Romulus
Round and round the clues will wend. Where loops begin this hunt will end.
This is a reference to the mission Circles Within Circles, which begins at New Romulus.

Clue 2:
Adventure waits here at my post- a place concealing ancient ghosts.
Indicates an adventure zone, alludes to the ancient Iconian gateway concealed underground.
Don't resort to summer games, this place restores a classic fame.
A bit of a red herring, "resort" and "summer" saying that it's not risa. Restoring classing fame alludes to the rebuilding of the Romulan species.

Clue 3:
In the charge to tame a land- we bridge the gap, work hand in hand.
Bridge the gap refers to the nearby suspension bridge that connects the staging area to the Epohh Fields. The three major powers work together to tame the uninhabited planet.
In defiance of that peaceful trust- our enemies would turn us to dust.
This alludes to the multiple enemies in the area, particularly the Tal Shiar, who's thaleron weapons literally turn you to dust.

Clue 4:
It's here where Romulus began anew- And to hone you in, I give this clue:
It's at new Romulus.
A shrill reminder oft offends, 'Don't you want a little friend?'
My favorite clue. Alluding to the shrill shrieky "Don't You Want an Epohh Friend!?" DOFF contact at Q's winter wonderland. Indicates the Epohh Fields.

Clue 5:
Follow the path down to the right. An eastern tack like sunrise light.
A magenta plant is near my BOFF- she stares southwest, so pace it off. On a rock's summit Waldo's found, and the treasured code will be inbound.
The final clue basically leads you directly to Waldo.

Thanks everyone this was a very fun time! I hope to do it again soon!
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Re: EVENT: OCD treasure hunt: Where's Waldo?
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2017, 08:01:12 AM »
Lol i keep looking for him at Walmart :D
@alzlee: No Win Scenario? Heh Bring It!
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